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Machin Council

MAYOR:  Gord Griffiths

Phone: (807) 227-2074

Cell: (807) 221-8717

Committee Appointments:

Board of Directors for the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association

Kenora District Services Board (KDSB) Alternate

Kenora District Municipal Association (KDMA)

Finance Chair

Northwest Training Adjustment Board (NTAB)

Communities for Safe Living

COUNCILLOR:  Ron Kujansuu

Cell: (807) 216-6888


Committee Appointments:

Kenora District Services Board (KDSB)

Committee of Adjustment

Local Citizen Advisory Committee (LCAC)

COUNCILLOR:  Garry Parkes

Phone: (807) 227-2895

Cell: (807) 529-4363


Committee Appointments:

Home Support Committee

Machin Municipal Housing Board

Recreation Committee Chair

Fire Department

 Woodland Arena Committee Chair

COUNCILLOR:  Dennis Peterson

Phone: (807) 755-1497

Cell: (807) 220-1558


Committee Appointments:

 Machin Police Services Board

Patricia Area Community Endeavours (PACE)

Community Development Chair


Phone: (807) 755-1701

Cell: (807) 220-1502


Committee Appointments:

Public Works Chair

Committee of Adjustment

Main Street Revitalization