February 2019


The Council and staff have been spending a significant amount of time finalizing the 2019 budget. As always, every tax dollar is needed in many places.

In January Council and Municipal Staff met with the Senior Environment Officer from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change to discuss our options for our two landfill sites that are nearing their capacity. A productive meeting provided a possible short-term solution which will be pursued.  The next step afterward will be for the Municipality to work with the Ministry on the possible expansion of our existing sites.

In January the Woodland Arena held its first Atom Hockey Tournament in many years which was a huge success. Six teams and one hundred players participated.  Recreational curling started as well with four teams. A new Arena Committee has been formed from applicants who submitted their names to Council. The new committee will work with the Council Rep and Arena Management in advising on the arena operations. Members of the community who may be interested in volunteering to help at the arena can contact the Municipal Office or Arena Staff.

In 2018 and at the start of 2019 our Public Works Department contracted out and completed approximately 12 kilometers of roadside brushing on our Municipal Roads. An additional 4 kilometers is planned to be brushed in the next two months if conditions are favourable. This brush removal will help with encroachment of the road edge. Areas that are targeted for cleaning are covered with heavy brush along the right of ways. Manual brushing efforts are planned later this summer into the fall in areas where lighter roadside brush exists.

Local volunteers requested Councils permission to do minor repairs to the Eagle River Recreation Centre, to repair minor damage to the walls, painting and washrooms.  The volunteers donated their time and used donated paint from Timbermax in Dryden. Council wishes to thank the volunteers for their community spirit which will help greatly in future use and rental of the facility. Also, a thank you to Timbermax for their generous donation.

Municipal Council would like to provide residents more communication opportunity to discuss general items of interest in the community. Therefore, the Mayor and Council will remain at council chambers for approximately ½ hour after the closure of the 2nd General Council meeting which occurs on the 4th Monday of each month. The first opportunity will be on Monday, March 25, 2019. A maximum of five minutes will be provided per person. The Mayor, Deputy Mayor or designate will oversee the discussions and protocol. These discussions are informal and no records or minutes will be taken. This does not replace the present formal Delegation request to present a Deputation to the council. Delegations are still required to complete a written request at the Municipal Office to be placed on the agenda. These formal delegation presentations will be documented in the minutes of the General Meeting. We hope the public will come out and participate in these discussions.

Mayor and Council