Space at Lillian Berg Public School may be used for community hub

The Machin Municipal Office may be moving. Mayor Drew Myers says it’s still in the extremely early stages, but they may be moving the office to utilize space at Lillian Berg School.

“We have our municipal office, because it’s a older building, it’s not compliant at this stage with upcoming regulations as far as accessibility. For this reason, we’re going to have to invest quite a bit of money to make our municipal offices accessible. We are looking into the idea of partnering with the school board and sharing some of the space at the local school for some of out municipal offices,” he explained.

Myers said the province has a program that allows communities to use space at schools as a community hub, in order to make better use of public properties. School built during the 1950’s baby boom have more space then in necessary for modern day students. To productively use the space that the lower population of students have left within the school, the province would like to partner with other agencies to use the space for programming and increased cost savings and social benefits.

They’re still in talks with the school board and it could take a while to reach a decision.

“We’re just talking right now. No decision has been made. Funding is an issue, trying to get funding to go forward with this. We still have a long way to go that way, and there is a lot of public consultations to do. Also, the municipality isn’t set on doing this, we have a couple other options we’re looking at. Basically right now, it looks like a good thing on paper and we’re looking at it seriously, but there is quite a bit of work to do before it becomes a reality. If it ever does,” he said.

Myers said if the idea comes to fruition it could mean access to the school gym facilities year round, expanding and using the library within the school after hours for Machin residents, or having adult training courses offered at night.

Myers said they would like to have a decision to move forward, or not, within the next two years